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I follow written directions better than oral directions.
I can rememember more about a subject through listening than reading.
I bear down extremely hard when writing.
I like to write things down or take notes for visual review
I require explanations of graphs, diagrams, or visual directions.
I enjoy working with tools.
I am skillful and enjoy developing and making graphs and charts.
I can tell if sounds match when presented with pairs of sounds.
I remember best by writing things down several times.
I can understand and follow directions on maps.
I do better at academic subjects by listening to tapes and lectures.
I play with coins or keys in pockets.
I can better understand a news article by reading about it than by listening to it on the radio.
I learn to spell better by repeating the letters out loud than by writing the word on paper.
I chew gum, snack, or smoke during studies.
I feel the best way to remember is to picture it in ones head.
I would rather listen to a good lecture or speech than read about the same material in a book.
I learn spelling by "finger spelling" (spelling words in the air with index finger) the words.
I am good at working and solving jigsaw puzzles.
I prefer listening to the news on the radio more than reading about it in the newspaper
I grip objects in my hands during learning periods.
I obtain information on an interesting subject by reading related materials
I follow oral directions better than written ones.
I feel very comfortable touching others; hugging, handshaking, etc.

Adapted from a learning style inventory created by Jeffrey Barsch, Ed.D.

Learning Styles Assessment provided by the Collaborative for Student Achievement, originally provided by Academic Advancement Center at Colorado State University