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The Key Communities (Academic, Civic/Service, Explore, and Health Professions) are highly diverse first year learning communities designed to assist students with their transition to and through the University. Based on active and experiential learning through interdisciplinary classes, service-learning, academic and career exploration, undergraduate research and leadership development, the Key Communities aim to increase retention and academic performance of participants, encourage campus and community involvement, and promote diversity awareness.

Before proceeding, all applicants are encouraged to review the Key community cluster options at Applicants will have the opportunity to rank the communities they feel would be the best fit based on their interest areas and major. Applicants should also review the questions listed below, as well as the program requirements. The Key Communities have a competitive application process, and thoughtful responses will be used as one of the factors in determining a final acceptance status.

On the application, you will be asked to answer question #1 below, and then choose one (1) of the next three questions to answer. Essay responses should equal about one paragraph each, which usually consists of between 150-300 words. Your responses should be thoughtful, concise, and as concrete as possible, and will be one of the factors used by the selection committee to determine acceptance into the Key Communities.

  1. Please share why you are interested in participating in Key, what you could contribute to your Key community, and how you think you would benefit from participating in Key.
  2. The values of the Key Communities are service, academics, diversity and leadership. Please discuss which of these values is the most meaningful to you and how you would contribute to developing a community that focused on that value.
  3. Why is earning a bachelor's degree from Colorado State University an important goal for you?
  4. Discuss a challenge you have had in your life and the steps you took or are taking to overcome that challenge. What did you learn/are learning from that experience?
  5. What else would you like the Key Communities selection committee to know about you?

Please note: In order to apply for the Key Communities, you must have a CSU eID. If you haven't yet created an eID, please visit and complete that process before proceeding to the application for Key. Thank you!

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