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Have you dreamed of working with animals in a zoo? Are you curious about the habits of animals or how they adapt to their environment? Would you like to do research with animals or train animals? What about working in a lab assisting with the detection, diagnosis and treatment of diseases? Is becoming a veterinarian something you have dreamed of? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may want to consider majoring in zoology.

Zoologists study animals—their origin, behavior, diseases, and life processes. Some experiment with live animals in controlled or natural surroundings while others study animal tissue and structure in a laboratory setting. Some zoologists go on to study veterinary medicine. Zoologists collect facts useful to people in farming, medicine, pharmacy, wildlife conservation, and pest control. Zoology encompasses many specialties. At Colorado State, you have the option of taking courses in the following areas: animal behavior, aquatic biology (the study of plants and animals living in water), ecology (how animals adapt to their environments), genetics, invertebrate organisms, cellular/molecular biology and physiology, systematics and morphology, or vertebrate organisms.

The curriculum is designed to provide a basic understanding of zoology through a variety of laboratory experiences in combination with the study of facts and theories. The program encourages flexibility, strength, and depth. The coursework includes two semesters of introductory biology as well as courses about invertebrates and vertebrates, evolution, genetics, ecology and cell biology. Required courses in the physical sciences include two semesters of general chemistry, at least one course in organic chemistry, and two courses in physics, all with labs. Biochemistry is also required. In addition, students select a minimum of 15 credits of upper-division zoology courses. Calculus I and an introductory statistics course are also required.

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* Love for animals
* Attention to detail
* Critical thinking
* Strong organization skills
* Analytical skills
* Problem solving skills
* Interpreting technical/scientific data
* Perceiving/defining cause and effect relationships
* Good decision maker
* Communication skills—oral and written

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This major prepares students to work in various areas of animal biology, such as research or private industry, or to begin graduate school or professional studies. Career opportunities include medical caretakers such as veterinarians, protective agencies such as shelters and refuges, trainers and handlers, animal-related businesses, aquatic/marine biologists, exotic animal specialists, and wildlife conservation. It is an appropriate major for students planning to attend medical or veterinary school. Graduates who pursue advanced studies can attain higher salaried positions with the possibility of rising to top professional levels. Participation in internships and/or laboratory or research opportunities is highly recommended and encouraged by the Department to enhance your practical training and development.

Opportunities for zoology majors include but are not limited to:
* Aquarium & museum curator/director
* Zoo keeper
* Animal trainer and instructor
* Science librarian
* Environmental technician
* Fish & wildlife technician
* Veterinary technician/assistant
* Marine bacteriologist, biologist, or ecologist
* Humane Society – various positions
* Cytotechnologist
* Ecologist
* Fisheries biologist or conservationist
* Laboratory technician
* Park ranger
* Research technician
* Industrial hygienist
* Wildlife photographer
* Zoologist
* Wildlife rehabilitation specialist
* Pet store owner
* Animal biotechnologist
* Biotechnology sales representative

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* Biology Club
* Pre-Veterinary Club
* Premedica

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