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Are you interested in how the human mind works? Do you wish to understand human behavior? Do the processes of development, perception, learning, motivation, and thinking intrigue you? Would you like to better understand how psychology relates to the physiological and social functioning of animals and humans? Do you wish to work as a counselor helping people to deal with difficult issues in their lives or to achieve personal goals? Are you interested in a major that qualifies you for a wide range of occupations?

Psychology is one of the most popular and versatile majors, providing a pre-professional education in the liberal arts tradition. The major emphasizes a strong background in the natural sciences including mathematics, biology, chemistry, and human anatomy. Undergraduate psychology courses acquaint students with the basic theories, principles, and laws of human and animal behavior with a substantial emphasis on psychological measurement and testing. Psychology graduates are expected to demonstrate knowledge of psychological principles and concepts across several basic content areas. Graduates are also expected to possess an ability to engage in analytical and critical thinking, and to demonstrate knowledge and appreciation of the scientific methods used in psychological research. Psychology offers three concentrations: general psychology; industrial/organizational; and mind, brain, and behavior.

A large complement of electives enables students to take a second major or minor in a field of interest and orient toward one or a combination of four goals: 1) students can use a psychology degree as a background for careers outside psychology, with electives providing instruction in particular fields of interest; 2) a psychology degree can lead to careers in business, industry, government, education, and professions such as law and medicine; 3) students can graduate with a combination of courses and experiences to qualify for semiprofessional jobs in psychological settings or closely related fields; and 4) students can acquire qualifications for entry into graduate study in psychology. Graduate programs offer general training followed by specialization. Advanced degrees are a prerequisite for professional careers in psychology.

The Industrial/ organizational (I/O) concentration prepares students for either moving into the workforce with a Bachelor’s degree or pursuing graduate education in industrial/ organizational psychology. Students in the I/O concentration will take seminars that focus on psychology in the work place including, but not limited, to topics in leadership, fairness, justice, and work motivation. Students are strongly encouraged to participate in experiential education opportunities, such as internships, to enhance their marketability in the workforce and research assistantships to strengthen their graduate school applications.

The Mind, Brain, and Behavior concentration prepares students to be more competitive candidates for graduate programs in cognitive psychology, cognitive neuroscience, behavioral neuroscience, and sensation and perception. This concentration allows students to develop a stronger science and quantitative background. Students are exposed to areas of faculty research and are encouraged to become undergraduate research assistants. Many psychology students who are pre-med choose this concentration.

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* A strong interest in the study of human behavior and development
* Preference for a strong background in sciences and liberal arts
* Enjoy working with people
* Desire to develop analytical and critical thinking skills
* Enjoy obtaining and analyzing data
* Ability to apply theory to concrete issues
* Interest in psychological measurement and testing
* Prefer concrete rather than abstract problems
* Good written and oral communications skills
* Work well in structured situations
* Able to work independently or in a team

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A Bachelor’s degree in psychology prepares students for an exceptional variety of career options. Because of the major’s strong liberal arts and sciences orientation students develop a number of important skills required in a broad range of occupations. Many opportunities exist for graduates with a Bachelor’s degree in psychology, including working in mental health and other human service fields; or as a background for careers in law enforcement or positions in industry, public service, business, government, and other professions.

Skills such as written and oral communication, cooperation, analytical and critical thinking, plus a strong background in the liberal arts and sciences demonstrate versatility and an ability to pursue a variety of career paths. Participating in paid or voluntary work, internships and cooperative education opportunities is highly recommended, as it will enhance a student’s chances for employment. Employment options include but are not limited to:
* Human services worker
* Case worker
* Mental health services worker
* Probation officer
* Community relations officer
* Educator
* Occupational therapist (w/ Masters)
* Program developer/administrator
* Human resources administrator
* Labor relations representative
* Compensation and benefits administrator
* Public relations specialist/Special events administrator
* Advertising producer/writer
* Account services representative
* Media representative
* Market researcher
* Government program administrator
* Business manager
* Buying Agent
* Sales representative
* Real Estate Broker
* Lawyer
* Physician

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* Psi Chi/Psychology Club
* Applied Human Sciences College Council
* Premedica

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