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Are you interested in the study of the truths underlying knowledge, morality, and reality? Are you looking for a system of principles for guidance in practical affairs? Would you like to study a particular branch of knowledge such as metaphysics, ethics, or social philosophy? Would you like to enhance your abilities to reason clearly, to distinguish between good and bad arguments, to think through complicated questions, and to use logic in situations that are influenced by emotions? Then a major in Philosophy may be what you are looking for.

Philosophy is the oldest form of systematic, scholarly inquiry. It is the study of the most basic moral, legal, aesthetic, religious, and metaphysical ideas by which we understand the universe and ourselves. Philosophers pursue fundamental truths, quest for understanding, and study principles of conduct. Philosophers seek to establish standards of evidence, provide rational methods of resolving conflicts, establish criteria for a just social order, and create techniques for evaluating ideas and arguments.

The study of philosophy broadens and intensifies liberal education while enhancing interpretive abilities in many fields. The curriculum provides a broad liberal arts background, including a generous choice of elective courses. While some students plan for graduate school and teaching careers in philosophy, the broad relevance of philosophy to other fields permits most students to work toward goals such as professional training in law, medicine, or theology. There are three concentrations available to philosophy majors: General Philosophy; Philosophy, Science, and Technology; and Philosophy and Religion. It is not unusual for Philosophy majors to also major in other disciplines as these concentrations combine easily with other majors at the university.

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* Critical analysis
* Organizational skills
* Interpretation skills
* Decision-making skills
* Articulation
* Persuasion
* Logical reasoning
* Conflict resolution
* Value identification
* Observation
* Evaluation
* Argumentation
* Ability to listen critically
* Journalistic writing skills
* Interpersonal relations
* Debating skills

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A major in Philosophy prepares students for a wide variety of professional careers in law, social work, medicine, the ministry, and business. Students of Philosophy possess intellectual flexibility that is a strong asset in a changing world. Participating in internships and cooperative education opportunities is highly recommended to enhance practical training and development. The high level of skill Philosophy majors acquire in communication, analytical and critical thinking, and working with people enable them to secure jobs requiring complex thinking in a variety of private and public sector professions. Graduates who go on for advanced studies in Philosophy can attain advanced positions with the possibility of rising to top professional levels. Depending on your concentration, available career choices include but are not limited to:
* Public policy analyst
* Business manager
* Public administrator
* Intelligence officer
* Foreign service agent
* Legislator
* Education professional
* Teacher
* Higher education administrator
* Social worker
* Program coordinator
* Community developer
* Anthropologist
* Curator
* Medical doctor
* Lawyer
* Researcher
* Writer
* Theologian
* Pastoral counselor
* Human resource manager
* Publisher
* Market research specialist
* Ethics consultant in a variety of fields, e.g. medicine, engineering, and the sciences

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* Philosophy Club
* Liberal Arts College Council

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Department of Philosophy
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* Academic advising/Major exploration

Career Center
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* Major and career exploration/Job search information

Admissions and Undergraduate Recruitment
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* Admission applications/University visits and tours

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