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Do you like science? Would you enjoy teaching science classes for high school or junior high/middle school students? Do you like to know how things work? Are quantitative explanations more satisfying to you than generalities? Do you have a strong interest in mathematics and the physical sciences? Would you prefer a broad scientific education rather than a specialized one? If your answer to any of these questions is “yes,” then a major in Natural Sciences may be for you.

The bachelor of science in natural sciences meets the needs of two audiences:
• Students who want to become high school or junior high/middle school science teachers
• Students who want a broad exposure to mathematics and the physical sciences, rather than specialization in one discipline

The bachelor of science in natural sciences degree provides the subject matter, the education classes, and the classroom experience required for secondary education licensure in Colorado. Teaching concentrations in the natural sciences major include: biology education, chemistry education; geology education; and physics education. he program includes science courses in a concentration such as biology, geology, physics, chemistry; the All-University Core Curriculum; and professional classes in the School for Teacher Licensing and Principal Preparation (STEPP) program in the College of Applied Human Sciences. In addition, the STEPP program helps schedule classroom visits and practica. The experience culminates in a semester of student teaching under the supervision of a master teacher.

Physical Science
The physical science concentration begins with two semesters each of calculus, chemistry, and physics, plus a semester of biological science. Students then complete the major by earning two minors selected from biochemistry, chemistry, computer science, geology, mathematics, or physics. Completion of the double minor gives an unusual breadth in the physical sciences. Recent graduates have pursued careers in science. Others use this background as a basis for graduate work and research or for entry into medical or veterinary professional programs. Graduates can also add the certification requirements for secondary education to this concentration

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The two options in the natural sciences major require similar personal attributes:
* Aptitude for science and mathematics
* Interest in the physical and/or life sciences
* Curiosity and creativity
* Keen powers of observation
* Attention to detail
* Logical and critical thinking ability
* Patience and perseverance
* Enjoyment of reading
* Written and oral communications skills
* Ability to work independently or on a team

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Graduates with licensure in secondary science education will find a strong demand for high school and junior high/middle teachers in Colorado and elsewhere in the nation. In addition, these graduates will also have the background required for graduate science education programs.

With proper planning, physical science graduates can meet requirements for professional schools (e.g., medicine or law) or graduate programs in the basic or applied sciences. Internships and volunteer activities can provide practical training and experience. Recent graduates have found employment as:

* Technical writers
* Atmospheric scientists
* Computer sales representatives
* Crime laboratory analysts
* Patent examiners
* Quality control technicians

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* Association for Computing Machinery
* Biochemistry/Biotechnology Club
* Chemistry Club
* Natural Sciences College Council
* Society of Black Engineers and Scientists
* Society of Physics Students

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School of Teacher Education & Principle Preparation
STEPP Advising Office
111 Education Building
Colorado State University
Fort Collins, CO 80523
(970) 491-5292
* Information on the natural sciences education concentration

Center for Advising and Student Achievement (CASA)
TILT Building
801 Oval Drive
Colorado State University
Fort Collins, CO 80523-1033
* Academic advising/Major exploration

Career Center
120 Lory Student Center
Fort Collins, CO 80523
(970) 491-5707
* Major and career exploration/Job search information/Internships

Admissions and Undergraduate Recruitment
Ammons Hall
711 Oval Drive
Colorado State University
Fort Collins, CO 80523
* Admission applications/University visits and tours

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