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Do you want to run a tourism or outdoor recreation business? Would you enjoy educating the public about natural or cultural history, the environment, or outdoor recreational opportunities? Would you like to manage public lands and waters to provide people with quality outdoor recreation experiences? Would you like to introduce people to wilderness recreation and preservation opportunities? Does a career in the growing field of ecotourism intrigue you? If your answer to any of these questions is "yes," then a major in Natural Resource Recreation and Tourism may be the ticket for you.

The Department of Human Dimensions of Natural Resources offers a high quality program accredited by the National Recreation and Park Association. Graduates possess technical skills in problem solving, systems planning, integrative team decision making, quantitative analysis, oral and verbal communications, and computer operations. Additionally, graduates are familiar with the historic evolution of environmental conservation and develop an appreciation for how their discipline contributes to environmental stewardship. Four concentrations are offered:

Environmental communication develops expertise in communicating with and educating the public to enhance enjoyment of natural resources and facilitate informed public participation in natural resource policy decisions. The curriculum emphasizes course work in foundations of natural resource management, social science theory and research methodologies, communication theory and techniques, public relations, leadership, and management. The curriculum allows students to pursue positions with public, private, and nonprofit organizations that aim to increase public awareness and education on environmental/natural resource management issues, involve the public in decision-making with a goal of consensus building and decision ownership, and enhance the quality of recreational experiences. The department works closely with the National Association for Interpretation to provide students with professional networking, training, and certification opportunities to further enhance their careers

Global tourism is one of the fastest growing and most exciting industries in the world. It involves a wide spectrum of the service industry including hotels, restaurants, airlines, cruise lines, attractions, hospitality services, and much more. Whether you are interested in guiding wildlife ecotours in the national parks of Africa or the tropical forests of Costa Rica, outfitting rafting trips on rivers in Ecuador or Russia, planning and managing cultural heritage tours in Italy or Germany or working with tourism agencies such as the World Tourism Organization in Spain, the Global Tourism Program at Colorado State University is for you. The global tourism curriculum is focused on a unique blend of subjects. Business and tourism topics provide students with planning, management, marketing, financial, and entrepreneurship skills essential in the tourism industry. Because sustainable tourism requires a healthy natural environment, the environment is another area of study. Finally, students are provided cross-cultural experience by learning a second language, studying at a university abroad, and participating in an international internship.

Natural Resource Tourism prepares students for careers in natural resource-related tourism positions in the private, public and non-profit sectors. Opportunities are available in resorts, tour companies, outfitting and guiding companies, major corporations, ecotourism companies, cruise lines, etc. Public sector opportunities are available with state travel and tourism offices, as well as national and international tourism offices. Non-profits such as travel and tourism bureaus, hotel and lodging associations, meeting planners groups, and ski/tour associations value natural resource tourism graduates. The curriculum emphasizes courses in tourism management, marketing and planning, natural resources, business, and social science to develop appropriate skills for work in recreation and tourism enterprises.

Parks and Protected Area Management graduates develop expertise in managing and planning public lands and waters, and providing quality outdoor recreational experiences to their visitors. The concentration is oriented to employment with government agencies from the federal to local levels, including local open space and natural area programs. The Department works closely with Federal and Colorado resource management agencies and non-profit land management organizations. The Department works internationally with several Central American, South American, and Asian countries as establishment of parks and outdoor recreation programs has become a worldwide trend. Students can emphasize park/resource management, international resource management, or park administration. The curriculum emphasizes natural resource management and recreation with supporting courses in the social sciences, natural sciences, and communications.

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* Love for working outdoors with people and natural resources
* Values natural resource conservation and stewardship
* Ability to be creative and resourceful
* Good written and oral communications skills
* Good teamwork skills
* Analytical ability

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Graduates work in a variety of federal, state, and local resource management agencies, nonprofit environmental conservation and education organizations, and private commercial recreation enterprises domestically and abroad. Competition can be intense for full time/permanent positions in highly attractive natural resource locations, although ample opportunities exist to gain experience through seasonal/temporary and volunteer work. Participation in a high quality, pre-approved internship is required for the degree. Additional cooperative education opportunities are highly recommended to enhance your practical training and development. Graduates who go on for advanced studies can attain more responsible positions with the possibility of rising to top professional levels. The following are some of the career opportunities available to natural resource recreation and tourism majors:

Environmental Communication
* Interpretive writer, planner, consultant
* Outdoor education specialist
* Nature photographer
* Exhibit developer/evaluator
* Environmental/conservation education/visitor information specialist
* Public Involvement Specialist
* Interpretive ranger
* Naturalist
* Nature center manager
* Museum interpreter/educator
* Public affairs specialist
* Park Ranger

Natural Resource Tourism & Global Tourism
* Ecotourism Operator/Outfitter
* Convention sales coordinator
* Marketing/public relations specialist
* Trip counselor
* Small tourism enterprise owner/manager
* Tourism Planner
* Concession Specialist
* Marketing/sales manager
* Conference/meeting/event planner
* Resort services director
* Camp and nature center director
* Tourist information center manager

Parks and Protected Area Management
* Park/backcountry/wilderness ranger
* Parks director/superintendent/manager
* Conservation officer
* Natural resource/wilderness specialist
* Open space/lands planner
* Camp counselor/administrator/manager
* Recreation manager
* Forest recreation technician

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* Tourism & Commercial Recreation Club
* National Recreation & Park Association
* National Association for Interpretation
* Environmental Learning Center
* Natural Resources College Council

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