Nutrition & Food Science Bachelor of Science
Department of Food Science & Human Nutrition
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Are you curious about the linkage between nutrition and health? Does helping people increase their wellbeing through improved nutrition appeal to you? Would you like to do nutritional research, education or counseling? Would you enjoy working in institutional or commercial food service, or in the food industry? If any of your answers to these questions is “yes” then a major in Nutrition and Food Science may be the one for you.

Public interest in the relationship among nutrition, health and fitness is at a high level and increasing. The Nutrition and Food Science major involves integration of the biological, physical, and social sciences and their application to the improvement of human nutrition and fitness. The major is both science and human service oriented.

Nutrition and Food Science graduates gain a scientific understanding of the principles of human nutrition, the role of nutrition in disease, delivery of nutritional care, and the principles of nutrition assessment and food preparation. Additionally, graduates know the techniques of interviewing, counseling, information management, and effective communications.

Four options are available in this major: The dietetics option provides a broad background in clinical nutrition and food service management. The science-based curriculum includes nutritional assessment, application of food theory and coursework focusing on nutritional counseling. The concentration is designed to prepare students for a dietetic internship and a professional career in medical nutrition therapy or nutrition counseling. The program meets American Dietetic Association (ADA) requirements.

The food safety and nutrition option blends a strong science base with courses in food science, food safety, food microbiology and nutrition. The curriculum prepares students for employment in the food industry or in government in such areas as quality assurance, product development, research, food inspection, food processing plant management, and consumer education. The option also provides an excellent background for a graduate program. Students in the option are encouraged to participate in the interdisciplinary studies program in food science/safety to further their understanding of the continuum of responsibility shared through the food system in ensuring that food is safe and healthful. By addition of several elective courses, students can also meet ADA course requirements.

The nutrition and fitness option prepares students for employment as nutrition and fitness counselors in commercial establishments, public health settings or private practice. The curriculum blends a strong science base with coursework in activity, nutrition, teaching, and counseling. The concentration also provides an excellent background for a graduate program. By addition of several elective courses, students can meet ADA course requirements.

The nutritional sciences option provides a strong background in natural and biomedical sciences and nutrition, making it an appropriate presentation for graduate study, medical school, and a career in nutritional research, biomedical research, or college teaching. This option forms the basis for a pre-medical professional program. By addition of several elective courses, students can meet ADA course requirements.

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* Interest in promotion of healthy nutrition
* Ability and desire to work with people
* Strong planning, instructing and record keeping skills
* Interest in education and research
* Ability to communicate clearly with people
* Possess organizational and management skills

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Participation in internships, volunteer activities, or cooperative education opportunities is highly recommended to enhance your practical training and development. Graduates who go on for advanced studies can attain more responsible positions with the possibility of rising to top professional levels. Career occupations include but are not limited to:
* Dietitian or nutritionist in hospitals, nursing homes, schools, state or county health agencies, health clubs, corporate wellness programs, or private practice
* Community nutritionist
* Biomedical scientist
* Restaurant manager
* Caterer
* Quality assurance specialist
* Food scientist
* Food inspector
* Food technologist
* Food plant manager
* Food service manager

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* Food Science and Technology Club
* Food Science Nutrition and Fitness Club
* The American Dietetic Association
* Institute for Food Technology
* Restaurant and Resort Management Student Chapter (supported by the Colorado Restaurant Association)
* Applied Human Sciences College Council

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