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Would you like to travel overseas knowing that you can communicate effectively and comfortably? Are you aware of worldwide career opportunities for graduates with foreign language skills? Are you interested in learning about the geography, history, literature, and culture associated with the foreign language you learn? Would you like to become proficient in understanding, speaking, reading, and writing in another language? If so, a major or minor in Languages, Literature & Culture may be for you.

Gaining insight into a foreign culture through proficiency in its language and familiarity with its literature furthers intercultural understanding and international perspectives in a student’s total program of study. It is particularly valuable in fields such as social work, international relations and political science, international business or finance, computer science, tourism, medicine, education and natural sciences. The programs in foreign languages emphasize oral and written proficiency. They also develop knowledge of the culture and literature, and the critical and analytical skills necessary for an understanding of their relationships. A major in a second language focuses on broadening and deepening proficiency and integrates this knowledge with the strengths of a liberal arts curriculum.

Language majors can concentrate in French, German or Spanish, as well as Teaching Licensure in any of those three languages. Language majors will accomplish:

* Real and measurable functional competencies in the target language
* A practical command of grammar and pronunciation approaching that of a native speaker
* Comprehension in reading and listening
* Ability in speaking and writing in a manner acceptable to an educated native
* A practical command of the culturally defined aspects of the language and related cultural patterns of behavior, including non-verbal communication
* Comprehension in reading and listening
* Functional capability in speaking and writing in a manner that would be acceptable to an educated native
* A practical command of most of its culturally defined semantic functions and related cultural patterns of behavior, including the use of non-verbal communication
* In advanced-level study, a comfortable familiarity with most of the language- and culture-specific characteristics of its literature

The department strongly encourages study abroad and has exchange agreements in place with Universities in China, Japan, France, Spain, and Germany. A wide variety of other options are available through the Study Abroad Office on campus.

Minors are offered in Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish. Basic courses may also be taken in American Sign Language.

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* Motivation to learn
* Good listening, clarifying, and responding skills
* Ability to think logically and quickly
* Patience and perseverance
* Ability to adjust to new environments
* High proficiency in phonetics
* Good problem solving skills
* Attention to detail

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Rapid technological, economic, and political changes have dramatically increased the demand for college graduates with proficiencies in one or more foreign languages, and cultures. Because of the major role the United States plays in world politics, business, and industry, the demand for foreign language skills will remain high. International opportunities are also expanding as nations become more economically and technologically integrated. Positions are available in government, industry, and academia. Participating in internships and cooperative education opportunities is highly recommended to enhance practical training and development. Graduates who go on for advanced studies can attain more responsible positions with the possibility of rising to top professional levels. Numerous positions are available with a growing number of American firms doing business within foreign countries. The following are some of the career opportunities available to foreign language graduates:
* Journalist
* * Bilingual administrative staff person*
* Bilingual educator*
* Translator**
* Foreign correspondent*
* Customs inspector
* Diplomat
* Tour guide/agent
* Import/export clerk
* Flight attendant
* Social worker
* Intelligence agent**
* Librarian*
* Textbook publisher
* Researcher**
* Tutor*
* Foreign language teacher**
* Teacher for English as a second language*
* Vista/Peace Corps. Volunteer*
* (*language is highly useful or required)
* (**language is needed as primary skill to obtain the position)

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* Le Cercle Francais
* Spanish Club
* German Club

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