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Are you committed to a life of learning and a broad-based education? Are you interested in knowing past and contemporary cultures? Would you like exposure to a diversity of worldviews? Do you wish to develop excellent writing, speaking, thinking, and reading abilities? Would you like to study human behavior, history, and institutions in diverse societies? Have you ever wanted to explore the ways cultural forms and beliefs unite and give coherence to the American experience? Do you ever wonder about the wide variety of cultural expressions and values within American society? If your answers are "yes," then a major in Liberal Arts may be for you.

The Liberal Arts major emphasizes the study of many forms of creative human expression as well as examination of the social sciences. The major includes coursework in art, American Studies, dance, English, foreign language, music, philosophy, speech communication, theatre, as well as courses in anthropology, economics, ethnic studies, geography, history, technical journalism, political science, psychology and sociology.

To further increase depth and focus, and to enhance expertise and career opportunities, liberal arts students are required to complete a minor or an interdisciplinary studies program. With the aid of an academic adviser, Liberal Arts majors have maximum flexibility to choose a curriculum that best suits individual interests. Liberal Arts majors acquire a well-rounded education and develop a number of transferable skills, including problem solving abilities, reading comprehension, analytical skills, and communication skills.

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* Interest in a broad range of topics
* A creative spirit
* Ability to adapt to a variety of situations
* A desire for an interdisciplinary approach to education
* Reading and comprehension abilities
* A strong desire and an ability to learn how to learn
* Ability to integrate knowledge from several perspectives into a coherent whole
* Excellent writing and speaking skills
* Ability to think critically and logically
* A strong interest in beauty and creativity
* A capacity to study human expression, behavior, history, and institutions
* Ability to research and write on topics of interest
* A desire to know past and contemporary cultures
* A desire to understand American culture
* A desire for responsible and creative participation in society
* Knowledge of diverse cultures and viewpoints
* Leadership abilities

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Graduates in liberal arts apply their education in a wide variety of careers, including public policy, artistic production, mass media, engineering, law, city planning, business, information systems, international business, journalism, publishing, education, sales and marketing, management and administration, government, communications, museum work, entertainment, foreign service, and many others. Some enter graduate and professional schools for more specialized study. To enhance their career opportunities, majors are encouraged to participate in paid or volunteer work or internship opportunities.
* Public policy
* Artistic production
* Mass media
* Engineering
* Law
* City planning
* Business
* Information systems
* International business
* Journalism
* Publishing
* Education
* Management and administration
* Government
* Communications
* Museum work
* Entertainment
* Foreign Service

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* Liberal Arts College Council
* Student clubs exist in most academic departments

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College of Liberal Arts Academic Support Center
C207 Clark
Colorado State University
Fort Collins, Colorado 80521
(970) 491-3117
970- 491-5421
* Academic and career advising for majors

Center for Advising and Student Achievement (CASA)
TILT Building
801 Oval Drive
Colorado State University
Fort Collins, CO 80523-1033
* Academic advising/Major exploration

Career Center
120 Lory Student Center
Fort Collins, CO 80523
* Major and career exploration/Job search information

Admissions and Undergraduate Recruitment
Ammons Hall
711 Oval Drive
Colorado State University
Fort Collins, CO 80523
* Admission applications/University visits and tours

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