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Have you always wanted to run a hotel, or recreational resort? Does running a restaurant in a mountain lodge sound appealing to you? Is working in a leisure-time industry your idea of a great occupation? If the answer to any of these questions is “yes” then a degree in Hospitality Management may be the right one for you.

Hospitality Management combines special food service, lodging, business, and elective course work, plus a work experience requirement to provide students with an excellent hospitality management background. A strong business emphasis in the curriculum is combined with coursework in nutrition and tourism. Elective credits allow students to tailor their programs to specific career interests.

The Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition maintains strong ties with the food service and lodging industries locally, state-wide, and nationally, to connect graduates with a wide variety of employment opportunities in the expanding commercial and non-commercial hospitality industry. The department also provides job placement assistance.

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* Proficiency for organization
* Aptitude for leadership
* Self discipline
* Problem solver
* Decision maker
* Good communication skills
* Works well under stressful conditions
* Ability to interact with people of differing backgrounds and personalities
* Desire to serve and please others
* Hospitable
* Business minded
* Good health and stamina

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The hospitality industry is a $2 trillion industry generating over $399 billion in sales in the United States alone. In Colorado, hospitality is the second largest industry, generating $5.9 billion in revenues and employing over 150,000 people. Currently, Colorado foodservice employment growth leads the nation. The fact that 37% of all adults have worked in the foodservice industry at sometime is indicative of the number of the career possibilities. The lodging industry is also growing as more of the population travels and spends money away from home.

The Hospitality Management program at Colorado State University is one of the fastest growing programs on campus, yet the faculty still interacts closely with students to prepare them for fast moving careers. Student clubs provide networks with the restaurant, lodging and club industries. Participation in internships and cooperative education opportunities is highly recommended to enhance your practical training and development.

The hospitality industry includes foodservice and lodging operations, clubs, healthcare and nursing facilities, schools, correctional and military facilities. Jobs are most plentiful in large cities and resort areas. Some of the careers open to our graduates include:

* Food service director
* Restaurant manager
* Banquet manager
* Dietitian
* Caterer
* Flight attendant
* Food technologist
* Merchandising supervisor

The resort industry includes careers in large and small hotel properties, bed and breakfast facilities, country inns, and all types of seasonal resorts.

* Hospitality manager
* Resort manager
* Chef
* Club manager
* Hotel manager
* Caterer
* Purchasing agent

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* Nutrition and Fitness Club
* Management Club

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