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Are you interested in understanding and interpreting past human events? Would you like to learn how and why important political and economic decisions were made? Are you interested in the histories of other cultures? Would you like to write a history of your community? Are you interested in genealogy, archiving, teaching, or becoming a curator of a museum? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, a major in History may be for you.

History is an accounting of our human past and seeks to interpret the course of human affairs through evidence and reason. Historians rely on written records and materials, using them to understand and comprehend the present. History provides insights that help us understand how individuals and groups make decisions, exercise power, or respond to change. History provides a form of knowledge which cannot be rendered obsolete by a changing technological world.

The history program is designed to enhance student knowledge about the past, improve their ability to think logically and critically, and to express themselves in clear and precise language. Specialized programs are available in historic preservation and restoration, and in archival and records management. The major offers four concentrations: General History, Language, Social & Behavioral Sciences, and Social Studies Teaching concentration.

The General History Concentration is an excellent choice for students planning careers in government service, academia, and other professional occupations requiring broad intellectual and practical skills. History majors who select the General History concentration must complete any other major or minor offered at C.S.U. (except History).

The Language concentration is an outstanding choice for students planning to pursue graduate study in history or careers in business, education, and other professional occupations for which the study of a second language is required or advantageous.

The Social & Behavioral Science concentration is intended to facilitate the timely graduation of History majors who decide to transition from the Social Studies Teaching concentration to another concentration in their third or fourth year of study at C.S.U.

The Social Studies Teaching Concentration is for students who plan to teach in junior high or high school. Students must also complete the requirements for the social studies undergraduate teaching endorsement in the School of Education. This concentration requires approximately 123 credits.

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Understanding Society
* Knowledge of how societies change
* A broadly developed world view
* Ability to analyze the impact of the past
* A clearer understanding of the present
* Excellent writing and speaking skills
* Mastery of summary and synthesis
* Expertise in interpreting events and ideas
* Capacity to compare and compile reports
* Ability to describe and evaluate issues, problems, and events
* Analysis and comparison of contrasting ideas and information
* Interviewing and observation skills
* Capacity to work with details
* Organization and compiling skills
Project Development
* Ability to generate new ideas and projects
* Expertise in planning and organizing
* Decision making skills

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History graduates apply their education in a large variety of occupations in the nonprofit, private and public sectors. History like many liberal arts majors provides students with a broad academic background suitable for a variety of jobs in the public and private sectors. History majors are trained to think independently and critically, communicate effectively, and function in a multicultural world. Many employers appreciate liberal arts majors for their multiple skills and their ability to adapt to a variety of tasks and work environments. Participating in internships and cooperative education opportunities is highly recommended to enhance your practical training and development. Careers for graduates are available in education, business and government. Graduates who go on for advanced studies can pursue careers in History or attain advanced positions with the possibility of rising to top professional levels. Depending on your interests, the electives you take, or the minor you select, available career choices include but are not limited to the following:

Nonprofit sector
* Historical association or project coordinator
* Archivist
* Catalog researcher
* Technical librarian
* Museum curator or conservator
* Educational materials consultant
* Publication and public relations specialist

Public sector
* Public archivist
* Government planner
* Foreign service officer
* Historian
* Teacher/professor
* Heritage or cultural agency director
* Intelligence agent
* Legislative administrative assistant
* Librarian or museum curator
* State historic preservation officer

Private sector
* Consultant
* Free-lance writer
* Cultural resource manager
* Historical, legal, and policy researcher
* Preservationist
* Restoration supervisor
* Film editor, video specialist
* Publisher, editor, journalist
* Banker
* Investment consultant
* Insurance agent
* Attorney
* Marketing researcher
* Public relations consultant
* Travel agent
* Staff trainer
* Archival record-keeping technician

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* History Club
* Phi Alpha Theta Honor Society

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