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Are you interested in helping individuals improve their health and fitness? Do you enjoy working with people of all ages? Is medicine or physical therapy in your horizon? If you answer yes to any of these questions, then a major in Health and Exercise Science may be the one for you. Students may choose from two concentrations offered in the Health and Exercise Science major – Health Promotion and Sports Medicine.

A concentration in Health Promotion provides content and experience in promoting positive health behaviors, such as physical activity, stress management, and ergonomics, to name a few. Students are prepared for numerous careers in a variety of allied health fields. Specifically, graduates have found employment in corporations as wellness/fitness specialists, in insurance-based health promotion programs, medical settings, hotel wellness facilities, university health promotion centers, and health and fitness clubs. The curriculum focuses on health promotion program development, implementation, and evaluation. Other coursework includes chemistry, anatomy, physiology of exercise, marketing, advertising, accounting and more. You will also have opportunities for several practical field experiences before graduating. In fact, the Colorado State Health Promotion program was ranked #1 in the country by the Association for Worksite Health Promotion, for the business coursework and quality of clinical field experience a student receives.

The Sports Medicine concentration is a pre-professional program that offers a strong science-based education dealing specifically with the application of the natural sciences to the study of health and exercise. This concentration provides a strong foundation for various professional health-related graduate programs such as physical therapy and exercise physiology. This major was structured for two types of students: 1) those seeking pre-professional preparation in medical fields or physical therapy, 2) students planning to pursue a master’s degree in exercise science.

Some of the courses required for this concentration include chemistry, biology, physics, anatomy, kinesiology, biomechanical principles of human movement, exercise testing, biochemistry, organic chemistry, human nutrition, and rehabilitation exercise.

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* Good decision making skills
* Strong leadership skills
* Ability to motivate others
* Sensitive to others needs
* Ability to effectively convey information to others
* Diplomacy
* Reliability
* Analytical skills
* Detail oriented
* Interest in human health and fitness
* Creativity and resourcefulness
* Ability to work with a diverse population
* Ability to exercise good judgement
* Willingness to accept responsibility

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HEALTH PROMOTION: Health Promotion is the science and art of helping people evaluate their lifestyle to move toward a state of optimal health. We define optimal health as a balance of physical, emotional, career, social, spiritual and intellectual health. Lifestyle change can be facilitated through a combination of efforts to enhance awareness, change behavior and create environments that support health practices. The curriculum in health promotion has a strong science base that is complemented with our coursework in exercise science, health promotion, business, and field experiences. Our students are well prepared for careers in a wide variety of allied health fields.

SPORTS MEDICINE: A major in Health and Exercise Science with a concentration in Sports Medicine is designed to serve as a pre-professional degree only and does not prepare the student to enter the job market upon graduation with a Bachelor’s degree. The Sports Medicine curriculum includes extensive science courses plus a variety of courses in exercise science. The Sports Medicine Concentration serves as an undergraduate degree preparing the student for graduate studies in allied health areas and a variety of medical professions.

*NOTE: CSU does not have an accredited athletic training program. To certify as an athletic trainer students must attend an accredited undergraduate program or obtain an entry-level graduate degree in athletic training.

Health Promotion: Careers in Health Promotion
* Certified Fitness Instructor/Certified Personal Trainer
* YMCA Professional or Health Club Owner/Manager
* Program/Athletic Director

Health Promotions: Careers in Hospitals
* Cardiac rehabilitation programs
* Educational Director
* Health Administration
* Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease Programs
* Nutrition Educator
* Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Health Promotions: Careers in Non-Profit Organizations
* American Cancer Association
* American Diabetes Association
* American Heart Association
* American Lung Association
* Agency on Aging
* College/University Student Health Promotions
* Community Health Promotion
* Long Term Care Facilities/Activities Director
* National Arthritis Foundation
* Other Philanthropic Agencies/Associations

Health Promotions: Careers in Corporate Health Promotions
* The White House Athletic Club
* Sony Fitness Center
* Coors Wellness Center
* Heart Works Center
* Hewlett-Packard
* City of Fort Collins
* Johnson and Johnson
* Storage Tek
* Verizon Wireless

Sports Medicine: Possible Options for Graduate School
* Exercise Physiology
* Business Administration
* Counseling
* Education K-12
* Health Care Administration
* Higher Education/Student Affairs
* Human Resource Management
* Nutrition Educator
* Public Health

Sports Medicine: Additional Schooling
* Anatomy/Physiology
* Athletic Training
* Biomechanics
* Chiropractic
* Dentistry
* Exercise Physiology
* Medicine
* Nursing
* Occupational Therapy
* Physical Therapy
* Physician Assistant
* Public Health
* Sports Administration
* Sports Psychology
* Other medical/health related fields

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* The Wellness Club
* Premedica
* Applied Human Science College Council
* Pre-Physical Therapy Club
* Youth Sports Camps

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