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Would you enjoy educating or counseling individuals and families to help them prevent or solve problems that affect daily living and needs? Would you like to be a representative for a company that manufactures or sells housewares, foods, or home furnishings? Does household product development sound interesting to you? Would you like to do teach in middle school, secondary school, or a career-oriented program? Does family and consumer science research interest you? Are you interested in a career in consumer information or advocacy? Would you like to be a Life Coach? If your answer to any of these questions is "yes" then a major in Family and Consumer Sciences may be for you.

Family and Consumer Sciences is an interdisciplinary field providing graduates with knowledge and skills to assist families with the daily life challenges of interpersonal relationships, consumer issues and decisions, housing, and balancing family and work. Students study the roles of individuals within families and as consumers. Choices that impact daily personal and family well being are explored. Graduates are qualified to sit for the test for Certification in Family and Consumer Sciences (CFCS).

The Family and Consumer Sciences concentration (one of two) provides an education focused on consumer and family well being, growth and development of family members, and the relationship of the households to their environment and communities. The concentration brings together courses in human development and family studies; consumer resource management; apparel and merchandising; housing and interior design; and nutrition and foods. Graduates work in a variety of settings in business, not-for-profit community agencies, self employment, and in government including cooperative extension and the Peace Corps.

The Family and Consumer Sciences Education concentration prepares students for teaching youth and adults in consumer and family studies. The curriculum includes courses in human development, family studies, consumer resource management, nutrition and foods, design/merchandising, and education to develop knowledge and skills to work with individuals and families in school settings. This concentration provides background for teacher licensure in Colorado, to enter a variety of teaching careers in middle and secondary schools, community colleges, career/technical schools, and technical institutes. Non-teaching careers are also available.

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* Capability to be dependable and patient
* Strong desire to help people solve and prevent problems and better their lives
* Understand emotional and educational needs of clients and students
* Ability to communicate effectively
* A desire to educate and inform others
* Interest in family and consumer issues locally and globally
* Curiosity about daily challenges and issues
* Awareness of current events and trends
* Knowledge of professional student organizations

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Participation in internships, volunteer activities, or cooperative education opportunities is highly recommended to enhance experiential training and development. Graduates who go on for advanced studies can attain higher level professional positions. Career opportunities include but are not limited to:
* Consumer program developer
* Consultant
* Product designer
* Product representative
* Consumer information specialist
* Customer assurance specialist/adviser
* Extension educator/agent
* Product development specialist
* Peace Corps volunteer
* Researcher
* Middle school teacher
* Secondary school teacher
* Career and technical instructor
* Family financial adviser/credit counselor
* Business/industry educator/trainer/Life Coach
* Writer/developer of informational or educational materials
* Community services counselor/educator

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* Pre-professional/Graduate Student Member Section-American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences (
* Kappa omicron Nu (honorary) (
* Gamma Sigma Delta (honorary)

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