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Do you enjoy the horse industry? Have you ever wondered how embryo transfer actually occurs? Do the processes that allow horses to run, grow, thrive, and reproduce intrigue you? Have you thought about a career in equine veterinary medicine? If you are curious about the equine industry or about equine sciences, this might be the major for you.

The Equine Science major prepares students to serve the many needs of a growing industry and focuses on providing students with an in-depth scientific knowledge of the varied functions of the horse and how to relate those scientific principles to the industry. It also offers practical experience that will allow you to develop proficiency in working with horses; and a broad understanding of the horse industry and its relationship to the business, recreational and production aspects of the industry. Currently, Colorado State has the most comprehensive equine program in the United States with major efforts in research, teaching, and public service. The curriculum offers an appropriate balance of mathematics, biological, chemical and agricultural sciences, as well as social sciences, humanities and business courses.

The Equine Science curriculum provides the flexibility for balancing sciences courses with hands-on experience coupled with business electives. Students take courses such as economics, business, and management associated with equine and food animal industries. Students are provided the background for employment in a multitude of equine-related industries, management, production, marketing, and extension work. Students can also complete pre-veterinary medicine requirements with a major in Equine Science, or can pursue a minor in Business Administration or a double major in Agricultural Business.

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* Love for working with horses
* Successful academic background in science and/or business
* Excellent communication skills
* Problem-solving skills
* Enjoy working independently or as a team
* Organizational skills
* Analytical skills
* Attention to detail
* Critical thinking skills
* Self-motivation

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Career opportunities in the equine industry not only involve horses but business, scientific, and service-related positions. Approximately 20% of equine science graduates go on for advanced degrees. Another 20% work directly with horses at breeding and training farms. The remainder are employed in education, by breed associations, and in journalism and related industries. Participation in internships, volunteer activities, and cooperative education opportunities is highly recommended to enhance your practical training and development. The following are some examples of potential companies and organizations that employ graduates with a degree in Equine Science:
* Drug and pharmaceutical companies - management, sales, service
* Bloodstock companies – management, sales, buyers, pedigree evaluators
* Equine breed registries and associations
* Embryo transfer organizations
* Feed companies – product development, management, sales
* Horse equipment companies-sales, designers, manufacturers
* Transportation companies
* Peace Corps
* Foreign agriculture services
* Government

Possible careers
* Public relations specialist
* Computerized management system manager
* Insurance agent
* Publications – editors, writers, advertiser, photographer, artist
* Finance specialist
* Farm/ranch real estate agent
* Import/export broker
* Guest ranch manager
* Extension agent
* Trainer
* Judge
* Show Steward
* Course designer
* Equitation instructor
* Professional rider
* Brand inspector
* Marketing –analyst, appraiser
* Racetrack personnel

With Graduate and Professional degrees
* Veterinarian
* University research, teaching and extension
* Reproduction specialist
* Geneticist
* Medical degree
* Pharmacy degree/Nutritionist
* Sales/Consultant

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* Collegiate Horseman’s Association
* Horse Judging Team
* Block and Bridle Club
* Colorado State University Equestrian Team
* Polo Club
* Rodeo Club
* Block & Bridle Club
* Mountain Riders Horse Club

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