Environmental Engineering Bachelor of Science
Department of Civil Engineering
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Are you an environmentalist at heart who would like to design systems or devices to help improve environmental quality? Would you like to devise a project to clean up polluted ground water? Are restoring the health of local ecosystems or preventing pollution something you would like to do? Would you like to monitor air, land, and water quality? Could you design a project to provide safe drinking water or waste water treatment where none exists? Would you like to develop new and improved means to protect the environment or promote conservation of natural resources? If your answers to any of these questions are "yes," then a degree in environmental engineering might be for you.

Environmental engineers design solutions to prevent future pollution as well as correct existing pollution problems. The Environmental Engineering B.S. curriculum at Colorado State University is based on a strong foundation in natural sciences, mathematics, biological sciences, and engineering fundamentals. Upper level courses address engineering applications in air, water, and soil pollution, and environmental toxicology. Pollution prevention and control measures are emphasized. Other topics include hydrology, water and wastewater process engineering, ecology, economics, and statistics. Careful selection of technical electives allows students to specialize in a related field of interest.

Minors can be obtained in a variety of related subjects such as Watershed Science, Range Ecology, Fishery Biology, Soil Resources and Conservation and the interdisciplinary studies program in Water Resources. Seniors complete a year long design project with a professional engineer mentor. Graduates are well prepared for entry-level positions with regulatory agencies, engineering consulting firms, and pollution prevention/control divisions of large industries. Demonstrating a greater than 90% pass rate on the Fundamentals of Engineering professional exam, Colorado State University environmental engineering graduates are well prepared for careers in the field.

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* Interested in preserving environmental quality and preventing environmental damages
* Intrigued by developing solutions for environmental pollution problems
* Possesses strong aptitude in math, and biological and physical sciences
* Interest in designing large and small systems and structures
* Able to draw information and ideas from a variety of sources
* Demonstrates perseverance and attention to details
* Works well in teams and independently
* Exudes leadership ability and interpersonal skills
* Displays creativity, innovation, and versatility
* Exercises strong verbal and writing abilities
* Possesses aptitude for and interest in computer applications and design

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As our population and economy expands, the number of potential water and air pollution sources will rise. Also, public concern for the regulation of environmental quality is growing. As a result, demand for the services of environmental engineers is certain to increase. Today, environmental engineers are at work designing pollution prevention equipment and systems; monitoring and cleaning up polluted air, water and land; designing drinking water and waste water systems for needy communities, and restoring ecosystem health. Graduates from Colorado State’s environmental engineering program are in an excellent position to make significant contributions enhancing environmental quality. Participation in internships, volunteer activities, or cooperative education opportunities is highly recommended to enhance your practical training and development. Graduates who go on for advanced studies can attain more responsible positions with the possibility of rising to top professional levels. Career occupations include but are not limited to:
* Environmental engineer
* Pollution control engineer
* Wastewater engineer
* Ecological engineer
* Environmental consultant
* Ecosystem restoration specialist
* Air/water quality specialist
* Regulatory compliance specialist

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* Environmental Engineering Club
* Engineering College Council
* Tau Beta Pi Honor Society
* Society of Women Engineers
* Society of Black Engineers and Scientists
* Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers
* American Indian Science and Engineering Society

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