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Do you enjoy working in landscapes and making them attractive? Can you plant flowers and shrubs and have them look just as you imagined? Do you like to draw? Do you enjoy starting plants from seed or propagating them? Does designing irrigation or sprinkler systems sound like fun? What about designing landscapes for homes or businesses or creating aesthetic, interior-using plants? Have you always wanted to have your own nursery business or garden center, tree-care company, or manage the greens at a golf course or baseball field? If you answered “yes” to some of these questions, a major in Environmental Horticulture may be for you.

Environmental horticulturists provide solutions necessary to achieve aesthetically pleasing, functional, and environmentally sound outdoor spaces. They also design and manage private and public landscapes, such as golf courses, botanical gardens, and parks. In addition, they may develop the entrepreneurial skills necessary to successfully operate a nursery, garden center, tree care, landscape design and build or landscape management firm. Four concentrations are offered in the landscape horticulture major – Landscape Business, Landscape Design and Contracting, Nursery and Landscape Management, and Turf Management.

The Landscape Business concentration prepares individuals for careers in business management, production, operations, account management, entrepreneurship, landscape management and project management opportunities in the green industry. This concentration focuses on both horticulture and business. Students will develop skills in estimating project costs, plant selection and care, as well as business management techniques. Students completing this concentration will also earn a minor in business through the College of Business. This concentration is fully accredited by the Professional Landscape Network (PLANET).

The Landscape Design and Contracting concentration prepares students to design and develop landscape plans for residential, commercial, and small-scale public properties. Contractors coordinate and oversee projects including the installation of trees, flowers, shrubs, sod, benches, and other ornamental features. They implement construction plans at the site, which may involve grading the property, installing lighting or sprinkler systems, and building walkways, terraces, patios, decks and fountains. Contractors determine the type and amount of labor, equipment, and materials needed to complete a project and inspect work at various stages. Knowledge of local, state, and federal environmental regulations and local building codes is essential. Courses in this concentration include design principles, the creative use of plant materials, graphics, grading, and construction methods

Nursery and Landscape Management provides extensive training in landscape plant systems, culture, and use; and also develops skills needed to start and manage a personally owned nursery, garden center, or landscape management firm. Nursery specialists propagate and produce trees, shrubs, groundcovers, and herbaceous perennials for the landscape industry. Nursery and landscape managers oversee general operations, choose the type and quantity of horticultural plants to be grown; select and purchase seed, fertilizers, and disease control chemicals; hire employees, direct and coordinate work activities; manage record-keeping, and implement marketing plans. Supporting courses are taught in soil and plant science, pest management, business management, horticulture and plant materials.

Turf Management trains students for management opportunities ranging from sod production to the establishment and maintenance of private and public grounds. Turfgrass managers are supervisors for golf courses, ski resorts, sports fields, and parks departments. Turfgrass professionals manage and train personnel, draw up work contracts, and allocate labor and financial resources efficiently. Graduates develop expertise in production and maintenance of ornamental and functional turfgrass areas with supplemental courses in nursery and landscape management, plant and soil science, business management, and irrigation design.

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* Strong interest in plants and plant propagation
* Interest in designing landscapes
* Enjoy working outdoors
* Creative abilities
* Attention to detail
* Enjoy working with people
* Problem solving skills
* Strong oral communication skills

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Graduates of the environmental horticulture major will find career opportunities in a multitude of fields in the green industry. Emerging demand for environmental solutions and green technologies will position our students for careers in a wide variety of areas including: landscape design and construction, sports turf management, retail and wholesale nursery and garden center management; golf course superintendence; arborists, plant propagation, landscape project management, landscape maintenance, landscape estimating; green industry account management; irrigation design and water resource management; arboriculture; botanic gardens or arboreta, or landscape business management and entrepreneurship.
* Arborist
* Athletic field manager
* Botanic garden or arboretum specialist
* Community forester
* Golf course turf manager
* Landscape designer and contractor
* Interior Plant Maintenance
* Landscape maintenance
* Plant diagnostician
* Retail garden center manager
* Seed producer
* Sod producer
* Wholesale and retail nursery manager

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* Agricultural Sciences College Council
* Horticulture Club
* Pi Alpha Xi (National Horticulture Honor Society)
* Student Organization of Landscape Design and Construction (SOLDAC)
* Turf Club

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