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Do you feel compelled to satisfy your need for self-expression by creating works of art? Does the history of human artistic expression interest you? Would you like to develop your artistic talents through structured study and practice? Are you interested in educating people in the arts? Do learning technical skills and creating artwork through a wide variety of mediums excite you? Do concepts and expressions of beauty motivate you? Then, a major in Art may be the choice for you.

Visual arts comprise the study of the variety of means of visually expressing human thoughts, interests, attitudes, emotions, and ideas. Artists use several media such as oils, watercolors, acrylics, pastels, clay, plaster and computers. Visual artists create abstract works and images of objects, people, nature, topography and events. The Art Department offers several options of study. The BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) degree in studio art and the BA (Bachelor of Arts) degree in Art History or Art Education or Studio Art are all professional degrees, leading to related to art careers.

The B.F.A. Degree (Bachelor of Fine Arts) is a professional program for careers in studio art. Students have an opportunity to concentrate in one or more of ten studio fields: Drawing, Electronic Arts, Graphic Design, Fibers, Metalsmithing, Painting, Photo Image Making, Pottery, Printmaking, and Sculpture.

The curriculum progression in the department is similar within the concentrations. Freshmen study foundation courses in the fine arts, which include drawing, painting and sculpture, along with art history. Sophomores sample introductory concentration courses, and juniors and seniors focus on advanced courses in their chosen concentration. Exhibitions and lecture series present nationally known artists and critics to complement departmental course work. An established study abroad program is offered in Castiglione Fiorentino, Italy for students in the major.

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* Creativity and artistic ability
* Good powers of observation
* Imagination
* Ability to concentrate for long periods of time
* Ability to communicate thoughts and feelings through visual aides
* Ability to communicate ideas
* Aptitude for spatial relationships
* Ability to recognize differences in shapes shading, and color

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Employment of visual artists is expected to grow faster than average throughout the next several years. Demand for the work of graphic artists will be strong as producers of information, goods, and services put increasing emphasis on visual appeal in product design, advertising, marketing and television. Because art graduates possess a number of transferable communication, analytical and critical thinking skills, they find positions in government, industry, and academia. Many employers appreciate liberal arts majors for their multiple skills and their ability to adapt to a variety of tasks and work environments. Participation in internships and cooperative education opportunities is highly recommended to enhance your practical training and development. Graduates who go on for advanced studies can attain more responsible positions with the possibility of rising to top professional levels. Depending on your interests, the electives you take or the concentration you select, available career choices include but are not limited to:
* Art appraiser
* Art director
* Art therapist
* Exhibit designer
* Art critic
* Jeweler
* Gallery director
* Graphic design artist
* Free lance artist
* Sculptor
* Technical illustrator
* Painter
* Textile designer
* Weaver
* Art educator
* Art historian
* Art curator
* Art librarian
* Art museum educator
* Web page designer
* Photo lab technician
* Art restorer

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* Students of Visual Arts (SOVA)

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