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Do you enjoy using computers? Does website and web application development sound appealing to you? Would you like work in network and systems administration? Are you interested in programming and software development? If the answer to these questions is “yes,” then a major in Applied Computing Technology (ACT) at Colorado State University might be the one for you.

The ACT major prepares students for information technology careers where knowledge of how computers are used in business or other organizational settings is needed. While the Computer Science degree emphasizes professional competency in specialized sub-areas of software development (writing computer applications from scratch), the Applied Computing Technology program emphasizes a broad range of information technology skills including computer applications, systems integration, and programming (e.g., web development, computer and network system administration) in a variety of computer application areas.

The Applied Computing Technology major is a computer generalist program oriented toward the use of computers and computer applications in specific domains depending on the student’s concentration, rather than towards developing large-scale computer applications and software (for which Computer Science would be more appropriate).

Students in this major will receive a strong background in computer programming, information technology, and other subjects related to their specific concentrations. Students have the opportunity to choose a concentration tailored to their interests and career goals.

Computing Education Concentration:
The Computing Education Concentration leads to a state licensure in instructional technology for K-12 education. The ACT Computing Education concentration combines computer science and computing technology courses with education courses in a program leading to state licensure in Instructional Technology (Computers) that will allow graduates to teach computer-related subjects in public schools as well as provide computer technology expertise in the public schools. Graduates of this program will be capable of teaching a broad range of computing technology: computer applications, web development, and programming, including AP computer science courses. They will also be capable of providing expert information technology support for schools for instructional and administrative purposes.

Computing Technology Concentration:
This concentration focuses on the use and systems maintenance of computers and the full range of computing technology (hardware and software) within an organization, rather than writing computer code for a software development organization. The ACT-CT major includes all the Computer Science classes usually taken by computer science majors in the first and second year, and combines those with specialized computing technology courses, business courses, and a selection of advanced courses from Computer Science and Computer Information Systems.

Students in the Computing Technology concentration are required to complete core courses in programming, computer organization, data structures, network and systems administration, and software development. Students will also develop an understanding of economics, calculus, statistics, and foundational business concepts.

Human-Centered Computing Concentration:
This concentration is designed to meet the demand for experts in human factors in computing and interface design, and provide an academic program for students interested in the interdisciplinary study of cognitive science and artificial intelligence applied to human-computer interaction. This program prepares students for work in computer interface design evaluating the ways in which humans interact with computers in designing software. Graduates of this program may go on to become user interface designers and architects, human factors engineers/interaction designers, and app developers.

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* Ability to analyze and solve complex problems
* Ability to work effectively in groups
* Effective writing and oral communication skills
* Knowledge of how to organize data
* Patience and perseverance
* Creativity
* Ability to grasp the big picture but pay attention to details

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The Applied Computing Technology major prepares students for careers in information technology in which knowledge of how computer programming, applications, and computing systems are used in a businesses or other organizational settings is needed. Graduates of the program go on to become information technology specialists in businesses, educational settings, government agencies, and other organizations.

Some career opportunities include but are not limited to the following:

* Systems programmer
* Systems/ Network administrator
* Software designer
* Security systems designer
* Database programmer/administrator
* Web-site developer
* Consultant
* Documentation/technical writer
* Technical product support personnel
* Technical sales and marketing specialist
* Public School computing teacher/technology expert

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* Association of Computing Machinery

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