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Are you interested in the raising of animals, or in the production and distribution of animal products? Would you enjoy the challenge of creating better animal agricultural systems to meet the needs of the world’s population? Are you interested in nutrition, genetics, and reproductive sciences? Would you like to create new and better animal products for consumers? An Animal Science major may help you transform your interests into a career.

The U.S. animal and livestock industries are significant businesses that supply the animal product preferences of American and global consumers. Graduates help provide feed, finance, health products, equipment, marketing, processing, organizational support, publications and information, and numerous additional goods and services to the livestock industry. In total, the livestock industry and its affiliated businesses provides consumers with meat, dairy products, eggs, fiber, recreation, and useful by-products.

The international market provides additional opportunities as the global economy expands. Many countries increase their consumption of animal products as their standard of living rises. Export markets are becoming increasingly important not only for livestock producers but agribusinesses as well. Students with multiple language skills and international travel experience coupled with a university education are in increasing demand.

Students in the animal sciences major choose either an industry or science concentration. The industry concentration allows students the opportunity to integrate knowledge in the various disciplines of animal science (reproductive, physiology, animal health, growth physiology, nutrition, genetics, meat science, and food technology) with economics, business, and management. Graduates find diverse career opportunities in production enterprises, management, the food industry, resource management, public policy, education, livestock association leadership, marketing, and a myriad of agribusiness related to the livestock industry.

Students in the science concentration are more focused on integration knowledge in the basic and applied sciences with a focus on improving animal productivity via genetic prediction and manipulation, enhanced feed utilization, creation of value-added products, improved control of reproduction, and creation of profitable management systems that promote consumer, environmental, and animal welfare. Many students pursue admission to graduate or professional schools.

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* Interest in acquiring excellent technical knowledge and skills
* Strong commitment to achievement and excellence
* Superior communication skills (verbal and written)
* Desire to attain an in depth understanding of the livestock industry
* High degreee of curiosity and self-motivation
* Interest in acquiring an ability to solve problems and make sound decisions
* Desire to learn how to work well individually and in teams
* Ability to effectively relate to other people, both peers and supervisors
* Desire to develop strong leadership skills

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An animal science degree prepares students for a variety of career opportunities in animal health, feed and nutrition companies, seed stock organizations, food processing and distribution firms, livestock production, agricultural policy organizations, livestock marketing associations, animal facilities design, and for graduate or professional school. Participation in internships and cooperative education opportunities is highly recommended to enhance your practical training and development. Graduates who go on for advanced studies can attain more responsible positions with the possibility of rising to top professional levels.

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* Agribusiness Association Club
* Block and Bridle Club
* Collegiate Horseman’s Association
* Judging Teams
* Rodeo Club
* Collegiate Cattlewomen`s Association
* Equestrian Team
* Polo Club

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Department of Animal Sciences
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