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Did you grow up on a farm or ranch, or wish that you had? Are you interested in operating an agricultural business? Do you like the idea of supplying necessary agricultural products to farmers and ranchers? Would you enjoy assisting farmers and ranchers with their business finances? Does buying and selling crops or livestock sound interesting? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you should consider a major in Agricultural Business.

The Agricultural Business major combines coursework in agricultural economics, business, and technical agriculture. The major is designed to prepare students to enter the world of agribusiness and is particularly fitted for students with a business interest and a farm/ranch or rural background. Many of the best students, however, are from an urban background.

The Agricultural Business major teaches students the operating techniques and business skills used in the modern food and fiber industry. The industry requires a variety of businesses to distribute, process, package, and market agricultural commodities including grain elevators, slaughterhouses, farm real estate firms, bakers, egg processors, canners, trucking companies, breweries, fresh produce centers, wholesalers, retailers, and restaurants. International agribusiness opportunities are expanding and students with language skills and/or study abroad experience can be sought-out by interviewing companies.

In addition to general requirements and 45 credits of agricultural economics and business courses, majors take agricultural law, agricultural sciences, communications, and statistics. Advanced courses in business areas are available for more specialized study. Many students in Agricultural Business choose to complete a second major in Animal Sciences, Agricultural Education, Equine Science, Journalism, or Soil and Crop Sciences.

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* A strong interest in agriculture
* An aptitude for business
* Enjoy working with people
* Good organizational skills
* Analytical and critical thinking ability
* Problem solving skills
* Strong oral and written communication skills
* Well organized and can manage multiple tasks
* Ability to work both in groups or alone
* Work well with people

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Although several students from farms and ranches choose this major each year; a diversity of business-oriented students have found careers in this highly diverse industry. Graduates seek careers in agricultural finance, management, marketing, and sales. As the public trend toward more food processing and farm services continues, the demand for agribusiness personnel will remain strong, especially in sales, services and purchasing agent positions. Participation in internships and cooperative education opportunities is highly recommended to enhance your practical training and development. Graduates who go on for advanced studies can attain more responsible positions with the possibility of rising to top professional levels. Some of the career opportunities for graduates in Agricultural Business are listed below:
* Agricultural loan officer
* Commodity merchandiser
* Commodity broker
* Feedlot manager
* Landscape contractor
* Mortgage brokering
* Farm real estate appraiser
* Grain merchandiser
* Elevator manager
* Agricultural chemical representative
* Farm machinery company representative
* Farm supply manager
* Flour mill territory manager
* Meat marketing representative
* Livestock feed marketing representative
* Agricultural consultant
* Pharmaceutical product representative

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* Agribusiness Association Club
* Block and Bridle Club
* Collegiate Cattlewomen’s Association
* Fellowship of Christian Cowboys
* Agricultural Sciences College Council

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